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Throwing my blogging virginity to the wind.

Hello there. My name is Rachel, I am 26 and I live in Tennessee. I have been wanting to start a blog for awhile, and finally this evening I thought, “What the hell! Tonight is a great night to start a blog!” I mean the house is clean, my boyfriend is at work, the baby is asleep and the movie I got from Netflix is boring me to death, so here I am. I’m not real sure what I’m doing actually, but I’ll figure it out along the way.

Mainly my plan is to talk about my relationship with my boyfriend of 4 years (almost) and our daughter, Bella, who is 1. (almost, I like rounding up to the nearest number, it makes things easier than saying my boyfriend of 3 years and 11 months and my 11 month old daughter, right….?) My boyfriend’s name is Jesus, but not like Jesus Christ. Think: Spanish pronunciation, like “Hey-soos.” I actually thought about changing his name for this blog because people get all confused when they read his name, like this year when I sent out our Christmas cards signed, “Love, Rachel, Jesus and Bella.” More than one person thought I was just really religious. Also, he does a lot of selling and buying on Ebay and Craiglist and he just tells people his name is Jess because it doesn’t raise any questions.

But then I decided that changing his name would be stupid. I mean, thats his name and thats what I call him, so I don’t really care if it looks weird in writing that I’m in a relationship with Jesus.

Anyway, Jesus is originally from Mexico, so naturally his first language is Spanish. I took some Spanish classes in high school and college but I can’t carry on a conversation in it. So for the most part when people are speaking Spanish, I don’t really know what’s going on. Jesus speaks to our daughter in Spanish, I speak to her in English.

I am happy that Bella with be bilingual, but its gonna suck when she and daddy have conversations about me in Spanish, like about how what I cooked for dinner totally sucks, and I’m not going to have a clue. I guess that means I should get some Rosetta Stone, huh? We’ll see.

What’s most interesting in our home though, is when all three of us are together and Jesus and I are both talking to Bella. She’s gotten to where she points at something, and then looks at us waiting for us to tell her what it is.

For instance, the other day she pointed at our cat, Kitty. And I said, “Cat.” And Jesus said, “Gato.” Later she pointed at Jesus and I said “Da Da.” And he said, “Papi.” She pointed at her bottle full of milk and I said, “Milk.” Jesus said, “La leche.” And then she looked at both of us with this look of exaggeration, like “What the hell is wrong with you people?” tossed her full bottle at us, and crawled into another room.

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