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Bella’s costume ideas for Halloween

Bella has been saying for weeks that she wants to be a butterfly for Halloween. Actually, she wants to be “Butterfly Girl.” She got the idea from one of her “Ladybug Girl” books. She wants ME to be “Ladybug Girl” and her daddy to be “Bumble Bee Boy.” When asked what she wants to be for Halloween, she will consistently give these same answers (except that sometimes she will leave off the who “boy” and “girl” part and just say she wants us to be the specific insects). Her answer for what Lottie will be, however, has not been consistent. One day she didn’t know and seemed confused by the question. One day she said, “Tinkerbell.” But the other morning when asked by her father what she was going to be for Halloween, she said this:

Bella: “I want to be Butterfly Girl. And I want Mommy to be Ladybug Girl. And I want you (Daddy) to be Bumble Bee Boy.”

My husband: “And what is Lottie going to be?”

Bella: “…..a fly.”

And there you have it.


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