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My favorite Christmas gifts

For Christmas I got several things I am in love with and I thought I would share them with you.


Lotti Dottie Jewelry

Okay. First of all I like this stuff because my daughter’s name is Lottie and I happen to call her Lottie Dottie. But I really like this jewelry because of the interchangeable charms. I love stuff that I can change or add to. You’re going to see more items like this later in the post. I love my Origami Owl locket and my Pandora charm bracelet, both of which you can add charms to. I like to get something that I feel like isn’t complete, or that I can make my own by making choices of what I add to it.

Lotti Dottie jewelry is a collection of magnetic charms. You get a little key with your jewelry purchase that allows you to pop the magnetic charm out and replace it with another.


World’s Softest Socks

My cousin works for this company but I’m a bad cousin and I had never tried them. I finally requested some and my husband got me some and OH MY. Yeah. I think these are the only socks I’m going to wear from now on. Seriously.


Nora Fleming Platter

I had never heard of these. I acquired a bread platter in a Dirty Santa exchange and I am in love. The concept is that you only get one set of serving dishes (mostly for entertaining) and you interchange their accessories (called Minis) to make them fit any occasion imaginable. I am now on a mission to get a complete set of dishes from Nora Fleming and start my Minis collection.


Ginger Snaps

These are similar to the Lotti Dottie jewelry but instead of magnets, the charms snap into place. I just love stuff like this (obviously) so having several different kinds of them is absolutely okay with me.


What were you favorite Christmas gifts? Please share, I love hearing about new stuff so I can become addicted to it…




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