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Books for Tots: Moose, Nancy and Scary Pants

Over year ago I wrote a post about some of my favorite books that I like to read to my daughter. They are also some of her favorite books, which is important. There happen to be a few books that she enjoys that I do not, and vice versa. There might also be times that I hide certain books from her. Maybe.

Anyway, when I wrote the original post, I meant to make it an ongoing thing, but then life happened and I got busy and forgot about it, you know, for a year. So, this is me, giving it another go.

Round two: three more of our favorite books.


The Useful Moose

My daughter is a fan of moose. Her favorite stuffed animal is a moose named Moosey that she received for her first Christmas. I think he’s really a reindeer, but “Moosey” just kind of stuck.  Is there a difference between moose and reindeer? I don’t know and I don’t care to Google it. Maybe later.

Anyway, ever since Bella took a liking to Moosey she has collected several other moose stuffed animals and a couple of moose books.

This book is about a little girl who loves moose so much that her family plans an Alaskan vacation so she can see some moose in person. However, when she arrives in Alaska, she can’t find any moose and finds out, from a goose, that they have all gone to the city on vacation. When she returns to her hometown, she finds hundreds of moose vacationing in her own city. Three of them end up as house guests in her home for awhile and her family discovers that they are great housekeepers. I wish I could find a couple of moose to mop my floors and fold laundry.

This book is particularly appealing to Bella because she’s a moose fan, but overall,  it’s a cute book even if your kid is not a moose lover.


Fancy Nancy

We have had some Fancy Nancy books forever but just recently started reading them. I don’t know why it took us so long to finally pick one up, something about the illustrations just wasn’t appealing to us. The covers of these books often seem quite busy and to be honest, I don’t think they look as enjoyable as they actually are. I think the whole “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” idiom applies here. No hate to Nancy’s illustrators or anything.

Anyway, now that we have started reading these books, Bella loves them and so do I. They teach children, through Nancy’s shenanigans, to expand their vocabulary by introducing “fancier” words than the ones they probably already know; like “celebrity” instead of “famous person” and “delectable” instead of “delicious”. I just purchased a few more of these books for Bella’s Easter basket this year and she was thrilled.


What Was I Scared Of?

I was a big fan of Dr. Seuss as a child but I never read this particular book until I had children. When Bella was younger she used to call this the “Scary Pants” book because the main character is afraid of a pair of empty pants. It’s silly (what Dr. Seuss book isn’t?) but it’s a lot of fun. Additionally, it’s not one of those Dr. Seuss books that goes on and on and on and you find yourself tripping over nonsense and skipping pages just to get it over with. Seriously, I really do love Dr. Seuss, but you HAVE to know what I am talking about if you’re a parent trying to read your kid a book at the end of a long day.

The particular version that we own glows in the dark, I don’t know if all of them do.  We often read it in the dark with a flash light. Bella and I can both recite this one by heart.

Hopefully next week I’ll be back with three more books we love, we already have them picked out.

See, I’m totally on top of making this an ongoing series…until we run out of books that we like. 😉




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