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10 things I meant to do during naptime…and what I really did instead.

I always have grand plans for nap time or when the kids go to bed. It doesn’t always turn out as expected. Here are 10 things I meant to do during nap time, and what I did instead.


Plan: Clean.

Reality: I folded one load of laundry while binge watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I didn’t even put the laundry away. I just folded it and put in the basket and it just sat there next to me on the couch the entire time.


Plan: Meal plan.

Reality: I pinned a bunch of stuff on Pinterest that I’ll never get around to making and didn’t even make a shopping list.


Plan: Read a book.

Reality: I read a page and a half and fell asleep.


Plan: Catch up on email.

Reality: Spent most of the time stalking people on Facebook.


Plan: Craft project.

Reality: I spilled glitter everywhere and then I glued my thumbs together with superglue. I ended up tossing the entire project in the trash and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Plan: Work out.

Reality: I made margaritas.


Plan: Clean out my car.

Reality: I vacuumed the driver’s side and said “Meh, that’s good enough.” Then I left the vacuum in the garage. I’ll get it tomorrow.


Plan: Garden.

Reality: It was hot. And dirty. And there was a lizard. I’m just gonna fill the flower beds with gravel. It’ll be great.


Plan: Work on my novel.

Reality: Wrote this list instead. What? I wrote SOMETHING alright?


Plan: Organize the kitchen cabinets.

Reality: I did! I did one! I organized one cabinet! And the stuff that didn’t fit or that I don’t want anymore is on the counters and the floor but I will deal with that later. I am SO PRODUCTIVE.


OK, so maybe I fail at nap time productivity, but is it so bad if I need spend an hour or two doing nothing in order to maintain my sanity? I’m a much better mom, playmate, and wife when I take some time to relax instead of working myself into a frenzy every time the house is quiet. And frankly, productivity is relative. Those margaritas ain’t going to make themselves, you know.

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