Whats been up with me.

I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to. Pretty much since my second child was born, which was, oh I don’t know, about 20 months ago. It would be a big fat lie if I said that parenting two children wasn’t kicking my behind, but whatever. We all have our crap. I’m not going to whine about it. Well, at least not today, anyway. Check back tomorrow.

So anyway, if you’re wondering, here’s whats been up with me.

1. My love affair with popcorn is over.

The other day I was eating some and a piece got lodged in my gums and I was bleeding everywhere and now my mouth hurts. Now I’m terrified of popcorn, which is really unfortunate. I love popcorn.

2. I got sick.

I went to the Minute Clinic and they told me to go to the ER. I didn’t because I had kids that needed to be picked up and homework that needed to be done. I probably didn’t need to go to actually go to the ER,  but I probably should have attempted to pay more attention to myself.

3. I got my whole family sick.

The second I got over my illness, my whole family got it, one by one. There were several high fevers and a trip to Urgent Care and I almost went broke paying co-pays.

4. Getting sick killed my cat.

That requires more of an explanation, I didn’t make my cat sick or anything. I turned the household over to my husband while I was passed out on codeine cough syrup and some things on the “to do list” got missed, like making sure the cats got brought inside for the night.The next morning I was driving our kindergartener to school, when I spotted our cat, dead on the road. I didn’t want to stop and retrieve the animal for two reasons, one being that I didn’t have the time, the second being that I wasn’t prepared to explain to Bella that the cat had died. (More on breaking the news to Bella at a later time…)

So I drove on past our poor dead Gilbert and headed on to school drop off and work. This really bothered me considering that he was going to sit out there all day on a main road getting smashed to bits. I live 30 minutes outside of town, so leaving work and driving back home to get the cat, only to drive all the way back and finish out the work day and pick up my chid was going to require a serious time commitment. Plus explaining to my bosses (who actually are totally understanding) that I would need to leave to go get my dead house cat off the road 30 miles outside of town was just going to be a weird request.

Anyway, I didn’t have to do any of that because my mom, THE HERO, drove out to the country herself, along with some gloves and baggies and collected the animal for me and then kept him on ice until my husband was able to come and retrieve him.

I know, I know. You totally wish your mom was my mom. I would, too, because driving 30 miles to scrape a dead cat off the road and put it on ice? That’s love, man.

Gilbert the First is now resting peacefully in his grave and he has been replaced with One Eyed Speedy Gonzalez (his arrival is also a story for another time). I am determined to keep this one alive. This one has been placed in a reflective collar. I’m considering wrapping his entire body in reflective tape or a strand of flashing twinkling lights,  but that’s still up in the air.

So. Whats been up with you?



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