Car rides with kids.

If you’ve ever wondered what it sounds like in my car on the way home from work/school/day care in the evenings, here’s a glimpse.

This was yesterday, after picking Bella up from school.

Bella: “Mom, when I have a daughter, do you know what I’m going to name her?”

Me: “No, baby, what?”

Bella: “Chickamauga Dam.”

Me: “…….why?”

Bella: “I like the way it sounds. Chickamauga. Chickamauga. Chickamauga. Dam.”


Later, we picked my youngest child up from day care and after about 10 minutes in the car on the way home, Bella said:

Bella: “I think we got the wrong Lottie. I think this is someone else’s Lottie.”

Me: “Well who is this one, what’s her name?”

Bella: “Well it’s still a Lottie. It’s just the wrong one.”

Me: “Well what do we call this one?”

Bella: “Lottie. But we will just have to turn this one back in tomorrow for the right one.”

It’s like she thinks all the kids at Lottie’s day care are interchangeable. Like they’re just a litter of shih tzu puppies where you can pick up the wrong one by accident because they’re all pretty much the same thing.


And finally, this is what a game of “I spy” in our car sounds like.

Me: “I spy something that begins with the letter ‘C’.”


Lottie: “Meow meow? Juice? Blankie?”

I’m not sure if Lottie is actually attempting to play or if she thinks this is a game of just saying the all words she knows.

I can’t deny that they keep things interesting. Loud, weird, funny, and interesting.

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